Welcome To Chittagong Port

We Bangladesh Ship Supply Exist To Serve You With Pleasure in Port of Chittagong.

From the beginning we were known for honesty reliability which built our high reputation, expanded network world wide.

We have dedicated professional team and a warehouse, storing most of the items requested by vessels calling Chittagong Port. This facilitates us to fulfill the vessels requirements by supplying high standard quality items at reasonable prices at the right time.

We’ve a well set-up & trusted name in ship supply, ship repair, ship spare parts supplier/exporter based at Chittagong (BDCGP) & Mongla port.

There’re a biggest ship breaking market in our country. We source out all used/good condition parts from there & checked well before collection.

We stock a wide range of marine supplies (OEM & replacement spare parts) available for immediate delivery to ocean – going vessels and export anywhere of the world.

Used & Good Condition Parts:

• Main & Auxiliary Engine • Diesel Generating Sets • Crankshafts & Bedplates • Turbo Charger • Oil Purifier • Fresh Water Generator • Hydraulic Pumps & Motors • Governors • Anchors & Anchor Chain • Marine Automation • Lifesaving Apparatus • Fire Fighting Apparatus • Welded pump • Wire ropes • Winch • Container Lashing material • Shore gangway • Generators • Turbo Air & Breathing Compressors • Rife raft Fiber & Aluminum Lifeboats • Air Condition Unit • Hydraulic Pump/Motor • Lube Oil Purifier • Sea Water Pump • Heat Exchanger • Cylinder Cover • Liner • Piston Crown • Piston Skirt • Piston Rod • Fuel Pump • Piston Ring • Nozzle with needle • Main Bearings • Connecting Rod Bearings • Thrust Bearing • Crosshead Bearing • Tie Rod • Parts & Spares of Fuel/ Diesel/ Gas Generator engines • Booster/ Supply Pumps • Gaskets • FO/ LO Supply Units • Rotary Screw Air Compressors • Hydraulic Hand Pump • Hydraulic Jack • Hydraulic Puller System • Hydro Test Pump • Hydraulic Power Pack [Electric Operated] • High Pressure Washer Pump • Submersible Pump • Mud Pump • Vertical Pump • Dosing Pump • Vacuum Pump • Vacuum Cleaner • Air Operated Diaphragm Pump • Welding Machine • Plasma Cutting Machine • Electric Chain Hoist • Manual Chain Hoist • Ventilation Fan • Barrel Pump [S,S][MS] all types of Flow Meter • Marine Artifact / Antique  etc.

All Major brands listed below:

• Yanmar • Mitsubishi • Man B&W • Daihatsu • Dergen • Mak • Nigata • Deut • Skl • Pielstick • Sulzer • Wartsila • Cater Pillar.

We offer a wide range of fresh, frozen and dry provision to meet the expectation of quality for all type of foreign vessel coming at Chittagong Port. We source our products from all over the world adding a touch of freshness from our Market in Chittagong. Our awareness of all standards, strict hygiene rules at all level throughout the supply chain will be execute at every step. The frozen products are loaded from our conveniently located Store' cold rooms and delivered directly to the vessels, without breaking the cold chain, at the ports and anchorage areas of Chittagong All Anchorage.

Fresh Vegetable, Fish, Meat, Cafeteria, Dry Stores, Ingredients, Fruits, Drinks, Saloon & Cabin Items, and Sweets and Bonded Stores.
Fresh – Frozen – Dry All High Quality Products (IMPA and ISSA) With Maximum Shelf Life at Competitive Prices.

Fresh Vegetable

• Eggplant (long) • Chinish spanash • Fresh beans • String beans • Kang kong • Mint leaves • Capsicum • Cabbage round • Chines cabbage •Brinjal (round) • Ladies finger (okra) • Long beans • White pumpkin • Red pumpkin • White marrow • Bitter guard • Snake guard • Tomato fresh (h/r) • Cucumber (s) • Fresh lemon • Green chili • Coriander leaves • Carrots (red) • Beet root • Lattuce • Celery • Green papaya •Potatoes (big special quality) • White radish • Red radish • Turnip • Spring onion • Green banana • Leak • Pointed Gourd/Parwal • Turai •Green spinach • Red  spinach • Tamarind • Parsley.

Meat fresh

• Beef boneless • Beef boneless• Beef with bone• Liver ox’s • Tongue ox’s • Tail ox’s • Beef keema• Beef loins • Beef straps • Mutton leg• Mutton whole• Mutton frozen • Mutton keema • Lamb carcass • Chicken frozen • Chicken fresh • Chicken local alive • Chicken leg • Chicken wings/breast • Pork frozen whole • Pork fresh whole • Duck• Pigeon (live) • Eggs.


• Beef, Mutton Meat Cuts,& Chicken • Frozen Fruits and vegetables • Ice Creams, Cakes and pastries


• Red snapper fish • Bhetki fish • Squid fish • Fry fish • Mackerel fish • Tuna fish • Sea fish (assorted) • Fish lapu • Pomfret (white) • Pomfret (black) • Tiger prawn with head • Prawn big (s/w) • Prawn big (s/w head less) • Prawn medium • King fish • Crabs • Ruhi (s/f) • Hilsa Fish silver • White snapper fish • Common carp • Blunt-snout • Cuttlefish • Tilapia • Cat fish local • Lob star • Ribbon fish.


• Sugar • Tea (loose) • Tea bag (50 bags) • Nescafe coffee (200 gm) • Coffee mat (400gm) • Honey (500 gm) • Fruit Cocktail (850 gm) •Semolina • Spaghetti 500 gm pkt • Instant noodles (Maggi) 65 gm • Macaroni 500 gm • Sliced bread 600 gm/pkt • Milk powder • Evaporatec milk 410 gm tin • Condensed milk • Butter (local) • Butter (impt) • Peanut butter (400 gm) • Margarine butter 250 gm • Cheese (imptd)

• Corn flakes (500 gm) • Ovaltine (400 gm) • Horlicks (400 gm) • Viva (250 gm) • Maltova (500 gm) • Biscuit (asstd) kg • Biscuit (cream) •Yogurt (fruit) cup • Rose water • Orange jelly • Mixed jam • Mango jelly • Pineapple jelly.

Dry Stores

• Rice (Asian crew) • Rice (officer) • Rice long grain • Rice basmati • Rice Thai • White flour (sp) • Raisin dry • Vanilla powder 150gm • Bay leaves • Bason • Cooking salt • Salt (table) • Cooking oil • Ajino motor (400 gm) • Tabasco (sauce) 1.ltr • Dry yeast 500 gm pkt • Mayonnaise (500gm) • Tomato ketchup 340gm • Soya sauce 500gm • Oyster sauce 400gm • Tomato sauce • Chili sauce • Vinegar • Pickle (assorted) •Mango pickle • Orange pickle • Garlic pickle • Tomato paste (500 gm) • Luncheon meat 340gm • Corn beef (340gm) • Corn flour tin • Custard powder tin • Backing powder tin • Beef sausage • Frankfurter sausage • Hot dog sauce • Black beans • Martedela • Dill • Baked beans (225 gm) • Mongo beans • White beans • Sliced bacon • Cooked ham (tin) • Cooked ham (sliced) • Lentils dry (red) • Salami • Maggi sauce (250 ml) • Green peas (450 gm) • Green peas (loose) • Mushroom (425 gm) • Tuna in oil (185 gm) • Sardine in tomato (155 gm) • Sardine in oil (150 gm) • Almond • Cashew nut • Pistachio.


• Dry onion• Ginger • Garlic • Red chili • Cumin seed powder • Dry chili powder • Turmeric powder • Coriander powder • Black pepper powder • Cardamom • Cinnamon stick • Clove • Black pepper whole


• Banana h/r • Water melon • Sweet melon • Papaya half ripe • Orange (big) • Apple (big) • Pineapple • Mandarine • Pears • Grape (w/b) • Mango


• Mineral water (1.5 ltr x 6 btl) • Coca cola (250ml) cane • URO cola (250ml) cane • 7 up (250 ml) cane • Tang 500 gm pkt • Mango juice (imptl) • Orange juice (imptl) • Pineapple juice (imptl) • Grape juice (imptl) • Apple juice (imptl) • Orange squash • Lemon squash.

Saloon & Cabin Items

• Broom • Powder soap (500gm) • Liquid soap teepol • Bleaching powder • Bleaching water • Dish washing powder 500gm • Dish washing liquid 500ml • Paper napkin (100 pcs) • Toilet paper • Tooth pick • Aluminium foil • Coir broom handle • Cotton mops w/handle • Plastic garbage bags • Steel wool fine • Steel wire sponges • Sponges • Aerosol 200(ml) • Bath soap (int’l lux) 100gm • Toilet soap lux 100gm •Floor brush • Toilet cleaner 500(ml) • Garbage bags big • Garbage bags small.

We’ve a dedicated Technical Support team of experienced engineers who ensure the best quality servicing, maintenance and repair.

BD Ship Supply Diving offers 24/7 expert underwater survey, repair and salvage services from its fully equipped base in Chittagong Port.

We hereby offer you annual safety survey -inspection -Servicing job (Life Raft / Fire Extinguishers .etc) with expert technical team &

Work will be done by Approval Class, NKK, BV, GL, LR, RINA, DNV.

Navigation Equipment

We collect all used & good condition navigation equipment’s from ship breaking yard:

• SVDR • LRIT • ARPA • Radar • Auto Pilot • Echo Sounder • GPS Receiver • Ship Whistle • Speed Logs • Gyro Compass • Gyro Repeater • Magnetic Compass • Automatic Tracking Aid • Navigational Lights • Daylight Signaling Lamp • Echo Sounders • Meteorological Sensors • Sound Reception Systems • Voyage Data Recorder • SSAS and LRIT Systems • Navtex Receivers • SSB Radios • Ship Antennas • Position Receivers (D)GNSS • Speed & Distance Log Device • On-Board Communication Equipment • Automatic Identification Systems AIS • Electronic Chart Display Information System ECDIS • Type- B, C, Mini-M, M, GAN(M4) • BGAN, Fleet, GMDSS A3 Radio Stations (incl. Inmarsat C, MF/HF, VHF)

B.A Charts, Nautical Publications, Various types of ship flags with different colors and signs and stationary are available.

We constantly source products of superior quality at competitive prices and evaluate our suppliers in terms of quality, availability and reliability.
We are able to deliver any products ordered, regardless the size, complexity or specialization.

All products supplied accompanied by relative certification if requested.


We accept responsibility for our actions and give you the right results. We act with integrity and operate within the letter and spirit of the law. We give without any strings attached. Our team has previous working experience with the Chittagong Port Authority, so we know all hidden back-doors! We are in direct close contact with the current Chittagong Port Authority managers, so we can eliminate any problem before it even occurs. “If your ships call in any Bangladeshi ports then you can trust us for ship supply, ship repair or any other work. With a presence in all Bangladeshi Ports, We can and will take care of you!”


We are decisive, take initiative and make tough decisions when necessary. We set priorities and act on them immediately.


We respect our colleagues and those we interact with outside our organization. We build trust and celebrate successes. We help our clients improve their effectiveness by continuously keeping them up to date. We Are Always Here at Your Services Within The Competence- You can reach us any time. Doesn’t matter day or night. We are always looking for ways to better serve our customers during the crisis times.


We Provides Professional Husbandry Services For Vessels.

◉ Ships Supply Services; Provisions, Technical, Spare Parts And Stores.
◉ Owners and Charterers Protective Services
◉ Delivery Of Crew Mail & Courier Packages
◉ Bunker, Fuels, Lubricants And Fresh Water Supply
◉ Crew Changes, Hotel Accommodations, Shore Pass Arrangements Etc.
◉ Crew Welfare–Doctor, Dentist, eMail, Internet, Mobile Prepaid Cards
◉ Underwater Inspection At Anchorage
◉ Follow-Up Activities With Workshops, Contractors Etc.
◉ Ship Spare Parts Clearance And Delivery ◉ Cash To Master Deliveries
◉ Inward & Outward Clearance ◉ Liaison With Local Authorities
◉ Supervision Services ◉ Communication Assistance
◉ Tug and Barge Arrangements ◉ Motor Boat Services


To exceed our outstanding record of serving the Bangladeshi ports with superior products, reliable service and competitive prices.

To guarantee our clients a superior customer-service experience with an inventory that meets all their vessel needs and delivery on a 24/7 basis throughout the year.

We also believe that our experience within Ship Owner, Management and Supply chain combined with a flawless deliver the optimal services that suits your situation.

To build on our credibility as the one-stop shopping choice for the marine equipment sector, which we have been for many years.


  Mazid Tower
1st Floor # 807/859
Barik Meah High School Lane
Goshaildanga, Bandar
Chittagong, Bangladesh – 4100.

(+880) 1925-616414
(+880) 31-727588